• Lifelong Learning – Welcome & Introduction

    Welcome to Lifelong Learning – an online course in unschooling. 

    We are so excited that you have chosen to take this course with us. It is our desire to help you feel confident in pursuing your own unschooling journey. 

    So what is unschooling? 

    • Unschooling is simply learning without schooling.
    • Unschooling is child-directed learning. 

    A common question many parents have is, “How are we going to ensure that our kids get a good education?”
    But as unschoolers, we’re asking a different question:

    How can we ensure that our children become lifelong learners?

    That is the main question we will seek to answer in this course. The late Alvin Toffler said, 

    The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

    This course is divided into 4 main sessions. 

    1. Session 1 – Unschooling Basics – What it can be and what it is not (answering unschooling misconceptions). 
    2. Session 2 – Our case study as 2nd generation unschoolers 
    3. Session 3 – 10 Foundational Principles of Unschooling 
    4. Session 4 – Q & A with the kids and Practical steps to get started. 

    Unleash your child’s ability to freely learn and grow!

    We believe this course will be a great help to you and your family’s unschooling pursuit to become lifelong learners. Let’s get started!